Are you looking for a running holiday which offers spectacular landscapes and places to relax which are just as impressive?  Well, you're in the right place - bienvenido!  Our English-speaking guides offer tailor-made trips to amazing places to tie up your laces.  Whether you're looking for a trip to run, or relax and take in the spectacular sights that Colombia has to offer, we will design your itinerary with just what you're looking for.

In 2015 a small group of ex-pats living in Colombia made a last-minute decision to travel together to run in a race which consisted of a 32.5km lap of a Caribbean island. Although it proved to be a mighty challenge with next to no training before boarding the plane, the memories lasted longer than the aches, and the idea of Paradise Trotters was born.

Why Colombia?

Five people were part of the maiden 'Island Trotters' voyage.  The group has grown in size each year and what started as a long running weekend in the Caribbean has gradually developed to travelling to the neighbouring islands of the archipelago as well as other areas of natural beauty in Colombia.

“The tour with the guys was fantastic and although I couldn't run the lap of the island again last year, I've actually been back on holiday to the same place twice since then - it's stunning!”

— George, Paradise Trotter 2015.